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How to Configure MailGun in Mautic for mass emailing?
December 16, 2021

Email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, customers, and past clients. This is your chance to speak directly to them in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. With the right messaging tool, email can become one of your most effective marketing channels. In this article, you will learn How to Configure MailGun in Mautic for mass emailing?


  1. You should have Mautic Installed.
  2. You should have a domain all setup in CloudFlare.
  3. You should have a Mailgun account.

Setup Mautic:

Come into the Mautic dashboard and click on the settings in the upper right corner.

Select configuration.

Select Email Settings.

Enter “Email address to send mail from” (associated with domain, that you are doing to add later in Mailgun)

You would need Hostname, Username and password (we will obtain these from Mailgun below).

MailGun Setup:

Login to your “MailGun” account.

Click on “Sending” from left hand side menu -> Click on “Domain”.

Setup New Domain:

Click on “Add New Domain“.

Enter your domain Name and your Region -> Click on “Add Domain“.

Verify DNS:

Now you have to verify the domain. Copy both TXT records to your Cloudflare DNS section.
(You need TXT type record because we want to send out emails, we will not add MX type records because we don’t want to receive the emails on Mailgun.)

Also copy the CNAME record if you want to enable email tracking on Mailgun
NOTE: Turn off Proxy Status Off.

Click on “verify” to verify the domain.

Obtain SMTP login details from Mailgun:

Once the domain is verified you need to obtain SMTP settings from Mailgun (these settings are required in Mautic)

Click on “Domain Setting” in the left hand side menu.

Select “SMTP Credentials“tab from the top.

Copy login, password, username, hostname.

Come back into the Mautic dashboard and enter the above mentioned credentials and SMTP encryption type as TLS, Port as 587, Authentication mode as Login.

Click on (apply) and then (Test connection) and finally the (Send Test Email) button to send out a test email.

 In this article you will learn How to Configure MailGun in Mautic for mass emailing?

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