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[Feature Updates] Backups, Temporary Domains and more..
January 6, 2022

Super excited to announce new features to CloudPages platform.


You can use CloudPages to backup your sites to any S3 compatible storage provider like Amazon S3, BackBlaze or Wasabi.

These backups can be restored to any server within your project.

Temporary Domains

After backups this was the most requested features by our clients and finally temporary domains are now live. You can use temporary domains at following places within CloudPages:

  1. While Deploying WordPress
  2. While creating staging website
  3. While restoring backups
  4. Or creating a normal website

Show Real visitors IPs behind Cloudflare

Normally, when you activate Cloudflare proxy you see Cloudflare IPs in log files, with this new feature you can restore real visitors IPs behind Cloudflare with one-click.

Server Level LiteSpeed Configurations Manager

Earlier we had website level LiteSpeed configurations manager using which you can edit vhost configurations. Now you can also edit LiteSpeed configurations at server level (although this is something we recommend for advance users)

Restart LiteSpeed Server with One-click

Ability to restart LiteSpeed web server from CloudPages.

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