[Feature Updates] WordPress Deployments made easy using Hetzner Integration
November 12, 2021

Our effort to make moving to the cloud easier for people has led us to announce our direct integration with Hetzner that enables you to launch a super fast WordPress website in couple of minutes.

All you need is:

  1. An Hetzner Cloud Account.
  2. API Key

This update also bring some bug fixes and new features:

Top ups

You can now use our top-up feature to fund your account which can then be used to pay your invoices.

Affiliate Program

We’ve also introduced a full-fledged affiliate program. Get paid 100% of the client first month invoice + 20% recurring commission for the life.


There are many other small improvements on the back-end to improve performance and remove bugs.

  1. Tuned OpenLiteSpeed config to handle more connections.
  2. Delete VPS from Cloud provider backend upon deletion from CloudPages.
  3. and more..

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