How to Redeem your APPSUMO Code?
August 1, 2021

CloudPages is now available on AppSumo, one of the most popular platforms for lifetime deal offers.

CloudPages offer lifetime deals on AppSumo at very reasonable and affordable prices.


APPSUMO is an app that provides you with digital deals on software, eBooks, and more.

About CloudPages:

CloudPages is a complete websites manager specially designed for WordPress management.

We built CloudPages so that you wouldn’t have to waste time managing the technical aspects of your website. We’ve done all that work for you. We are committed to delivering high performance and scalability, and to providing the freedom to use whichever tools and cloud providers.

CloudPages LifeTime Deals on APPSUMO:

Normally CloudPages offer monthly, 6 months, yearly subscription-based plans and now for a limited time, we are offering a Lifetime deal on APPSUMO.

How to avail Lifetime deals of CloudPages from APPSUMO?

Once you have bought a lifetime code from APPSUMO you can use our platform to redeem your code. You don’t need to provide any billing details if you are using the APPSUMO code.

To activate the lifetime deal from the APPSUMO go to the APPSUMO and get the code from there.

  1. Now you have to login to your CloudPages account. Click here to login or register a new account.

From the CloudPages dashboard create a new project.

Go here and check how to create a project on CloudPages.

After creating the project now on the Project dashboard, in the left menu click on LifeTime Deals button.

On the lifetime deals page, you can see the details of all plan pricing.

Here you will see details of all the lifetime deals. The APPSUMO code is valid for the FREELANCER – LTD plan.

Now input the code that you got from APPSUMO and click Apply APPSUMO Code. Once you apply the code you will see a message that your code is applied and it is valid for the Freelancer – LTD plan.

Scroll down to see that the price of Freelancer – LTD plan will be 0$after applying the code.

Click on the green button to buy this plan.
Habbi is support lead at CloudPages. He also loves to write about WordPress, SEO and Digital Marketing.

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