OpenLiteSpeed V1.7.14 Released
September 8, 2021

OpenLiteSpeed team has released V1.7.14 to address a serious issue related to ModSecurity as reported here.

Other changes include:

  • [Bug Fix] Address a crash in handling range requests to files without a suffix (introduced in OLS v1.7.12).
  • [Bug Fix] Address a corner case that breaks POST requests without a content length header for HTTP/2 or QUIC streams.
  • [Bug Fix] Address a crash in QUIC.cloud IP fetching code (introduced in OLS v1.7.13).

How to update OpenLiteSpeed on CloudPages?

If you want to force update OpenLiteSpeed on CloudPages, follow the procedure below:

Updating OpenLiteSpeed is a very easy and few-step option.

Step 1: Log in to SSH Client:

In the first step, you have to log in to any SSH client like Bitvise, Putty, etc. Make sure that you are logged in as root.

If you don’t have root access, use the command below to get root:

sudo su -
Log in to SSH Client
Log in to SSH Client

Step 2: Upgrade OpenLiteSpeed:

To upgrade OpenLitSpeed on your server just run this command and your server will be updated to the latest version.

apt-get upgrade openlitespeed
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